DevOps and Agile communities are working together to ensure convergence to digital is coordinated at all levels


With the rise of urgency to onboard to digital, there are various possibilities which will unfold goldilocks scenario for software industry. DevOps and Agile communities are working together to ensure convergence to digital is coordinated at all levels. An emerging approach to transition into the new world is through focusing on Business Agility, a concept which has emerged strongly since last two years. Business Agility can prove guiding light for software business inorder to explore market opportunities, innovate and execute.

Business Agility is multi-dimensional and is not simple. At Canada, DevOps Community of Practice we engaged with leaders, teams and individuals to create a dialog on how Business Agility will converge with DevOps and we have tried to outline the key factors influencing this transition. We would presentour findings through this whitepaper.


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